Extra Virgin Olive oil is at
the very core of
mediterranean cuisine &
is essential for the
nutritional value of any

Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil

There are many reasons why you should maintain your daily olive oil intake. Extra Virgin Olive Oil contributes to your health and wellbeing, and is at the core of Mediterranean diet, known to improve health and longevity.

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Extra virgin olive oil and cooking

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a basic ingredient in the kitchen, suitable for the preparation and cooking of many recipes, making dishes healthier and taste more delicious than ever.
It's also more versatile than you might think, for instance try deep frying chips in Extra Virgin Olive Oil as they do on the the Island of Crete – Delicious!

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Olive oil categories

Olive oil can be divided into three basic categories, based on international standards such as the type of production (natural or mechanical methods), the acidity levels and other characteristics such as the flavour and aroma.

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